Sunayra Sri Lanka is invested in providing access and outlets to creativity in war-torn regions of Sri Lanka. Through 30 years of emigration and isolation due to the country's civil war, the region has lost many artists, and its cultural and social history of fine and performance arts.  Sunayra believes in both the healing power of the arts, whether personal or communal, and in the importance of engaging with different forms of art for spiritual sustenance, personal and community growth, and healing. 

Art, in its many forms, has an inextricable place in human history, for archiving, for expression, and for healing. Self-expression is a proven way to communicate complex ideas to larger groups and communities, as well as grapple with personal ideas of identity and health. Adrian Hill, who coined the term art therapy in 1942, stated that art has the ability to help the individual "build up a strong defense against his misfortunes." We believe that this approach allows for individuals to work through the trauma of war, and also to explore and make space for their individual selves, and grapple with health related issues, social pressures, and personal experiences.

 Our programming is done within a culturally tailored framework and in partnership with locally-based grassroots organizations. We strongly believe in the transformative power of the arts to facilitate and promote social change.