Our mission is for young people to be the drivers of their own future.

Currently operating in the Batticaloa District on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka, our programme facilitators use a myraid of lessons and activities to prime students to think critically and act innovatively. Our three major outputs are: 

Personal Growth - Using art and creative engagement, we create safe and open spaces to discuss personal issues. In doing so, we have de-stigmatized emotional openness, vulnerability, and asking for help.  This gives teens a chance to lead emotionally healthy lives by breaking the cycles of domestic abuse, substance abuse, and shame many of them have seen or experienced first hand. 

Community & Civics - Using art as a vehicle to discuss pertinent social issues like gender equality or unity and diversity, we give students the space to discuss, debate, and explore their own feelings on these important conversations. Through this, students become more empathetic to other people's lived experiences, and understand the importance of being supportive of each other, and advocating for their community. 

Innovation - We draw the student's attention to innovation at work. We show how the creativity and critical thinking taught by art can be applied in industry in order to highlight how innovation at a basic level can yield huge impact. We encourage students to see themselves as leaders in whatever they chose to do, and the importanc of using creative thinking to evolve industry to the changing needs of the market.

We are priming students to look for places to make change, try new things, and think outside the box.