We are a team of public health professionals, social researchers, and artists dedicated to ensuring that the future of Sri Lanka is a hopeful one. By utilizing our range of knowledge and experience, we have created culturally-tailored curriculums that address the question "What does the future of Sri Lanka look like?". 

We come from diverse backgrounds that all trace back to Sri Lanka. With a love of Sri Lanka combined with education and experience from across the globe, we can ensure that future generations are prepared to compete in global discourse and markets, as well as be a shining example of healthy social, civic, and economic life.  

We invite you to be a part of this journey. Invest in these teens, in their futures. Donate below or contact us to let us know how you can help! 

Our Story

Suruthi, Nayantara, and Mira met in 2014 while participating in The Asia Foundation's LankaCorps Program. While working in Sri Lanka, we were awed by the talent, skills, and ambition we saw. We saw self-taught artists and filmmakers, researchers who worked above and beyond their educational system, entrepreneurs without MBAs. If we saw this in Colombo, we realized that the entire nation must have so much talent and so many innovative thinkers and creators, that we wanted to support. This is how Sunayra Lanka was conceptualized. To promote the creative and critical thinking skills to use for personal, social, and financial growth within communities. 

After 2 years of research and developing our Creative Education model, we launched our program in Batticaloa. Since then, we have been consistently working in Batticaloa, have held workshops in Colombo, hosted creator-based events, and even held modified workshops for adults! 

Sunayra Lanka is a work of passion, dedication, and hope. Please join us in our journey by donating below. 


Nayantara Premakumar

Executive Director

Nayantara has tried out every type of art or craft she can. While her pottery is an eyesore, she is a pretty good writer, editor, & filmmaker. She studied History and Anthropology, with a focus on Sri Lanka. Optimistic about the future, she believes that everyone just needs support to fulfill their potential.


Suruthi Ragulan

Program Director

Suruthi never imagined that she would travel to Sri Lanka, much less live there! Suruthi is active in Sri Lankan academic and public health communities in and around Toronto. She has worked on public health issues and created initiatives around HIV and identity in both Canada and in Sri Lanka. While living in Sri Lanka, Suruthi was able to use her Tamil language skills to assist in developing health promotion programs across the country.

Our Partners

We have been so lucky to partner with some amazing organizations and companies to help us!

St. John's Church, CACM (Church of Ceylon Mission) is a fixture of the community. St. John's Church runs a wide range of programs for people from all over Batticaloa District. We are so happy to partner with them and build on the good work that they are already doing.

Visions Global Empowerment is an organization that has been operating in Sri Lanka for 13+ years, and has programs in India, Ethiopia, and Nicaragua as well. Visions is dedicated to bringing education and leadership training to the children who need it most.